Trigger Warnings & Safe Spaces, Pt. 2: Reframing warnings for the classroom

Since I wrote my last blog post on trigger warnings and safe spaces, the terms have lost much of their original meaning. Now, they’re mostly used as insults, usually when speaking about liberals, leftists, progressives, “sjws”, feminists and the like. And, more recently, they are being used by some in response to any reaction from anyoneContinue reading “Trigger Warnings & Safe Spaces, Pt. 2: Reframing warnings for the classroom”

On Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces

I am not a fan of trigger warnings*. I’ll admit it. Personally, I find them unnecessary and, based on my experiences and research on mental health, trauma and distress, somewhat counter-intuitive. However, I understand others’ desire to provide them and that they serve a need for some that I cannot relate to, so I don’t mind them. Furthermore, despite theContinue reading “On Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces”