Current Projects

PhD Research

rhUnder the supervision of Dr. Lisa Mitchell, Anureet’s doctoral research project aims to shed light on the experiences of involuntary pregnancy loss among Indo-Canadian individuals and families. Using ethnographic methodology, she seeks to understand the role of cultural and health beliefs, familial and transnational kin networks, media representations of pregnancy loss, gender differences, and experiences with Canadian healthcare and therapeutics in the management of pregnancy loss among Indian people in Canada.

Community Research Projects

IN/Versions Journal: Leading the development of a brand new journal launched by VIPIRG to support undergraduate, graduate, and community-based/independent research on Vancouver Island and beyond.

Victoria’s Housing Crisis: Along with VIPIRG staff and volunteers, Anureet oversaw a research project examining the housing crisis in Victoria, BC, using mixed methodology (surveys and interviews). Finding affordable housing on and off campus is becoming increasingly difficult for post-secondary students in British Columbia. Lack of affordable housing has far-reaching impacts for both individual health and wellness and society. Some of the major research findings were:

  • The vast majority of students (77.46%, n=299) indicated that finding a place to live in Victoria was difficult or very difficult
  • Finding housing in Victoria is extremely difficult due to high rent, lack of housing, high competition, and illegal and discriminatory practices by property owners/managers.
  • Housing in Victoria has a negative impact on students’ finances, mental health, and diet
  • A majority of students (58.29%, n=225) reported that most of their total income is used for rent/housing costs and a majority also had difficulty paying rent in the last six months
  • Approximately 70.46% (n=272) reported yearly income that places them below the
    national low-income cut-off (LICO), also known as “the poverty line” (UFCW, 2009)
  • 42.23% of students reported experiencing difficulty paying rent in the last six months
  • More racialized students indicated that housing had a negative impact on their diet and
    mental health.

For more information, you can access the full report here: